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In 2014 we globally launched our flexible work program, Smartworking, and became one of the first companies in Italy to offer a full suite of formal flexible work arrangements, including flex time, work from home, and more. We initially rolled out this program in some pilot countries, collaborating with work councils and unions to overcome regulatory barriers. Smartworking is now available in all the countries in which we operate.

In 2020, smartworking proved to be instrumental during the company's response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even before the government-mandated Covid-19 lockdowns, we moved to 100% smartworking, keeping employees safe and ensuring business continuity. The fact that this program was already in place and employees already knew how to use it made the transition to working from home much less stressful for everyone.

The percentage of employees who partecipate in Smartworking had increased dramatically even before the pandemic, from 65% in 2014 to 82% in 2019.

In 2021 we globally boost our hybrid model: Work@Barilla. An activity-based approach, based on both remote and in presence work, taking into account business, team and individual needs with the aim to create an even more efficient and inclusive work environment.


Our long-term commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity

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