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Something more is cooking in our kitchen

Explore our stories about food and sustainability, innovation, our people, and more.

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We believe that good food can bring the world together

We are an Italian family company, and like all Italian families, we take food very seriously. For 146 years we've opened our hearts and our kitchen, driving positive change, through the quality of our products.

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The joy of food for a better life ​

Bringing people closer to the joy of good food and making quality the choice for a better life, from each individual to the planet. Because this is how we are nurturing the future, today.​

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Our way of doing business

Every day we commit to bringing ever tastier, safer products, with a more balanced nutritional profile, to tables around the world: and we are convinced that what makes our products good is also the care we take to improve and innovate our production processes to reduce the impact on the planet.

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Good food builds stronger communities.

Sustainable sourcing

Stronger communities grow a better future.

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Our brands come with an extra helping of goodness

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