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Our Diversity and Inclusion journey

Barilla is on journey, and our journey has been one of introspection and discovery. Along the way we have stumbled, but each and every step of the way we saw opportunities to accelerate and consolidate our commitment toward diversity and inclusion. How? By embarking on result-oriented partnerships with externals organization, implementing tangible changes in policy and procedures, raising awareness of diversity and inclusion naming a Chief Diversity Officer who reports directly to the CEO, and securing a long-term commitment from our senior leadership to these advances.


"Promoting diversity and inclusion is not just about doing the right thing but also about supporting our growth strategy. A diverse workforce and an inclusive culture boost engagement and allow for a deeper understanding of society."

Our key facts

We want to be an increasingly inclusive company for all and we will continue to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion among our employees and partners, wherever we operate.

Women empowerment and leadership

We have taken action to promote women in business enhancing female talent in every aspect of Company life.

From 8% to


women in Barilla's top band

direct reports to the CEO increased from 2013 to 2020.

From 23% to


women in direct reports to the Global Leadership Team

increased from 2014 to 2020.

From 33% to


women in leadership positions globally

increased from 2014 to 2020.

Our long-term commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity

Today, we are committed to heighten our efforts, setting challenging goals that will help us become a more inclusive workplace; creating a more diverse, committed and engaged workforce; enhancing an open culture that embraces and celebrates differences; promoting and supporting diversity programs in the communities where we operate.

Our Code of Ethics

A management system that respects diversity and promotes inclusion is fundamental for a company that operates all over the world with more than 8,000 people. In our big family we enhance the value of each person, by respecting physical, cultural and moral integrity and the right to interact and associate with others because human life inspires all the company’s activities.

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