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Moving beyond diversity to embrace racial equity

Our people represent our central resource towards development and success. Advancing opportunities for all is part of our commitment. It is part of our DNA and of our Code of Ethics. We choose to challenge inequality and injustice in every aspect of our business and at all level of our organization.

To enhance our diversity and inclusion commitment we have been striving for years to take up an even more inclusive work culture. In 2020 we have achieved an important goal: the Gender Pay Equality for all our people around the world. But we didn't stop there, we know that there are still many challenges to be overcome and we are fully committed in improving ourselves and to go forward on our path with the aim of breaking through barriers to racial equity.

"We recognize as an organization that if we are not intentionally including, we may be unintentionally excluding. That is a very important concept when dealing with racial and ethnic diversity."


Our long-term commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity

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