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Barilla is the world leader in the pasta market
and it oversees the segment of pasta sauces.

Data Source: Nielsen

Leader World pasta brand
Leader European sauce brand

The Barilla brand has its roots in a small bread and pasta store opened
in Parma in 1877. Today it is the number one pasta in Italy and around
the world. Thanks to the best durum wheat and impressive modern
technologies, Barilla supplies millions around the world with pasta
that always cooks to a perfect al dente texture, as well as ready-toeat
pasta sauces.


N°1 Turkish pasta brand

Established in 1977, Filiz is one of the top pasta producers in Turkey,
one of the biggest pasta consuming countries. Barilla acquired Filiz
in 1994.


Barilla first restaurants chain

On December 1st, 2013, Barilla opened the company’s first
restaurants in New York - 6th Avenue 52nd - with the goal of
bringing Italian conviviality to the world. Currently there are seven
restaurants and the growth plan is ambitious.


High quality pasta brand, from 1879

Voiello was established in 1879 as a small store in Torre Annunziata, a
small town outside Naples, a world capital of pasta making since the
16th century. Voiello pasta comes in all the most popular Neapolitan
shapes. Its secret is the uneven surface achieved with bronze dies.
Voiello was acquired by Barilla in 1973.


High quality italian gastronomy

Academia Barilla, the culinary institute born to bring the best of Italian food throughout the world. A sensorial experience of food specialties, books, cooking classes and food tours.


N°1 in North Mexican pasta market

Yemina, created in 1952, is a leading Mexican brand. Yemina makes it easier to nourish families with a high quality, great tasting pasta they love to have an active and healthy life. 
It’s part of a joint venture made with Grupo Herdez since 2002.


Brand from italy

Launched in Italy in 2015 via a partnership with Whirpool,
CucinaBarilla is a project which offers a “service” comprising a
special oven and a series of ready-to-use ingredient kits for the easy
preparation of quality recipes.


N°1 Greek pasta brand

The leading pasta brand in Greece, Misko was established in 1927
and represents Greece’s substantial pasta tradition; its logo depicts
the monk Akakio on his donkey, going to buy pasta at the village
market. Barilla acquired Misko in 1991.


Retail sales services.

FIRST is a brand specialized in retail sales services.


Since 1867, Catelli pasta has grown and evolved with Canadians.

Today, Catelli offers different kinds of pasta to suit the changing tastes and needs of Canadian families. 
With a range that covers everything from traditional white pasta to options that are gluten-free or fiber-enriched, we make it easy for everyone to love pasta.


Lancia pasta has been made with care in Canada for generations.

Our special ingredient is experience. Our experience is your guarantee of quality.


Global Foodservice Solutions Provider

Barilla for Professionals provides foodservice operators with the highest quality products, services and know-how to assist them in their daily activities.


We deliver what we think is the best pasta in the UK to homes across the country, as well as beautiful sauces & garnishes sourced from Italy.

When we started Pasta Evangelists, we wanted to show that there is so much more to pasta than meets the eye. 
A world of craftsmanship, centuries of artisan tradition and, above all, some of Italy's finest dishes.


Wholesome. Uncomplicated. Organic. You'll never find fillers, additives or binders in our products.

Tolerant is designed to make a difference in the lives of those who seek healthier lifestyles, have food intolerances or dietary restrictions through naturally powerful, plant-based foods. 
Tolerant is a minimally processed legume-based pasta line, made with a single Organic ingredient.


Barilla offers almost 180 bakery products covering different
consumption moments from breakfast to snacks.

Data Source: Nielsen

N°1 bakery brand in Italy

Founded in 1975, Mulino Bianco is truly a part of the cultural fabric
of Italian food and of the everyday diet of Italian families. This brand
offers simple, genuine bakery products in all categories that are
perfect for eating at home or on the go.


N°1 softbread brand
in France

Launched in 1970 on the baked goods market in France, the Harrys
brand today is leader in the soft bread market and an important
player in the morning goods market. Quality and innovation are two
of the most important key success factors.


N°1 dry snack brand in Italy

The Pavesi brand was established in 1937 by Mario Pavesi, an
inventive baker and entrepreneur in the city of Novara. It offers a
wide range of bakery products and pastries, all of which have unique
flavor and rely on well-developed production technologies.
Pavesi was acquired by Barilla in 1992.


N°1 Healty snack brand
in Italy

Gran Cereale was founded in 1989 as a Mulino Bianco whole grain
biscuit and has grown to become a Barilla brand of whole grain and
natural products. Nowadays, the brand offers consumers a wide
range of products ranging from Biscuits to Cereals, from Crackers to


N°1 World crispbread brand

Founded in Sweden in 1919, Wasa is the world’s largest 
producer of crispbread. Thanks to its high quality and variety, 
the brand delights consumers in more than 40 countries. 
Barilla acquired Wasa in 1999.


Biscuits and chocolate 
snacks that make dream 
millions of Italians

Pan di Stelle was created in 1983 as one of Mulino Bianco’s breakfast
biscuits. In 2007, with the launch of the snacks and the cake, it began
its career as a stand-alone brand to become a trademark in its own
right much loved by people everywhere.

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