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Barilla Pasta World Championship 2019: The countdown is on for the Art of Pasta edition!

September 19th, 2019 - Various artists are practicing backstage ahead of the eighth edition of the culinary contest aimed at crowning the next Master of Pasta: the Barilla Pasta World Championship on October 10th- 11th, 2019.
Fourteen chefs from all around the world are bound to fly from their home country, while five jury members are getting ready to taste and judge the high-level dishes that will be made at this event.
All of them will converge to one place: Paris, a symbol of Art all around the world, at the Pavillon Cambon the very location to embody 2019’s themes: The Art of Pasta, as well as Barilla France’s 50th anniversary.
A vos pâtes, prêts, feu, cuisinez!
A competition which is expected to be thrilling and breathtaking
For this competition, fourteen young chefs under the age of 35 will face each other in 3 challenging trials.
Each trial will be split into battles between two international competing chefs, during which each member of the jury will fill in a rating scale allowing them to raise the flag of their winner. The chef getting a majority of flags will win!
The challenges are intended to get the best performance from them and reveal their Art of Pasta within the time limit.
Stéphane Rotenberg, famous French TV cooking show host, will act as Master of Ceremony: well-acquainted to prestigious culinary competitions, he will perfectly be able to introduce and support candidates as well as reminding them of the rules.
Competing chefs will not be alone in the adventure since Lorenzo Cogo, the starred Italian Chef reputed for his instinctive and elaborate cuisine, will act as Master of Gastronomy. He will not hesitate to push them to give the best of themselves.
The three steps to become the Master of Pasta will be the following:
DAY 1 (afternoon) 
The Masterpiece:
The fourteen competing chefs will first have to show the jury their utmost creative and technical culinary art by creating and presenting their own signature pasta dish designed to be their best personal expression of «Bello, Buono, Fa bene»: beautiful for the eyes, tasty for the palate and good for the soul.
DAY 2 – (morning & afternoon):
The White Canvas:
Eight selected candidates will be asked to prove their talent by embracing a new gastronomy perspective: by using the Better-For-You pasta types, they will create a recipe able to combine creativity with a holistic concept of well-being. They will have to find inspiration and demonstrate their unlimited creative and technical skills by making the best pasta out of mandatory ingredients pre-defined by Barilla Chefs.
After this trial, only 3 candidates be allowed to contend for The Grand Finale:
During this last step, the finalists will have to find their finest cooking skills and try to improve their signature dish up to the perfection. They will follow the judges’ comments and add a touch of excellence in their initial recipe.
At the end, the jury will designate only one Chef, the eighth Master of Pasta.

An all-star jury
Barilla has called upon 5 jury members from the fields of gastronomy and lifestyle to judge the competing Chefs. These talented professionals – all renowned in their area – will evaluate the candidates’ ability to sublimate something as simple and essential as pasta and turn it into a Masterpiece.
The reputed Italian chefs, Davide Oldani and Simone Zanoni, and the French chef, Amandine Chaignot, will be focused on the competing Chefs culinary skills and will use all their five senses to judge them. They will provide candidates with valuable advice in order to help them give the best of themselves and elevate their dishes.
The lifestyle judges, Paola Navone and Ashley Alexander, will use their strong aesthetic point of view to assess the pasta dishes.
This mix of point of views is expected to bring surprises in the competition. The winner will be announced at the end of the second day, and the winner triumph will run for one year until the next edition in 2020.
Between each round, guests will be able to admire, taste and talk with the competing chefs. Moreover, they will have a walk into the Pavillon Cambon redesigned as an Art Gallery or attend to live performances.
14 competing chefs eager to cook for the crown
This year, 14 competing chefs from all around the world (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, UAE, United States of America) are ready to cook for the Master of Pasta title.
They are now finetuning their signature dish from months and cannot wait for this event.
Moreover, the Pasta World Championship has this year a partnership with Parabere Forum, an independent, international and non-for-profit platform to empower women in hospitality.
Please find their full biography in the enclosed press kit and discover how they will interpret the Art of Pasta.
For more information about the 2019 Pasta World Championship, full list of participating chefs and bios, and full event schedule, you can visit:
You can indulge in pasta dishes by following Barilla on Instagram @Barilla.

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