Winparenting, Support for Parenthood

The birth of a child is one of the most important, happiest moments in a person's life, but if the new parents are both in work, it may involve obstacles or challenges which all too often result in mothers or fathers resigning their posts.
A trend which is all too familiar in Italy: according to National Labor Inspectorate figures, in our country in  2016 78% of job resignations were made by working mothers, and no fewer than 40% of them were due to difficulties in reconciling work with the need to care for their children, with a surge of +44% compared to 2015. There is also a rise in resignations by working fathers (+34% compared to 2015), a phenomenon which, although on a much smaller scale in absolute terms (7,560 cases), proves that this problem affects both parents.
The real problem is cultural rather than merely numerical. Working parents are unable to combine working life and family life without high stress levels, while businesses still tend to view parental leave merely as a cost. Consequently, both parties are missing out on opportunities: parents lose the chance to work, while employers forfeit the long-term services of skilled, satisfied staff.


Winparenting, the Barilla culture of parenthood

In line with its Good for You mission and its programs to promote Diversity and Inclusion at work, Barilla is playing an increasingly active role in changing this incorrect impression, by promoting initiatives which aim to turn the whole approach to the question on its head: parenthood is not a restriction; rather, it is a genuine growth opportunity for both the employees concerned and the whole business.
This clear conviction recently led Barilla to launch the pilot Winparenting scheme, linked to the adoption of MAAM (Maternity As A Master), a digital training course for learning soft skills. The MAAM method transforms peoples' daily lives into a genuine, constantly accessible "training ground", constantly guiding the parents-to-be along a path that leads from preparation for parental leave, through management of the period of time off work, and the definition of a new life-work synergy after the leave. Alongside MAAM, the scheme includes individual and group coaching sessions for mothers returning to work, a selection of smart working options, and a training process for bosses, to enable them to assist people more effectively at this transformational, challenging time.
Basically, through Winparenting Barilla commits to actively creating a shared culture of parenthood within the company and fostering new energies and skills, triggering a virtuous circle which generates well-being for people and value for the business. “I'm firmly convinced that parenthood is a metaphor for leadership”, explains Alessandra Stasi, Head of Talent & People Development for the Barilla Group. Nature provides us with an amazing learning environment for developing skills that will also be useful to us at work. I believe that parenthood is an extraordinary opportunity for growth that generates new energy and new skills, such as problem-solving, listening, motivational strategies like positive reinforcement, delegating, long-term vision, enabling others to grow and organization. As individuals and as a company we can and must transform parenting skills into leadership skills, and vice-versa”.
With Winparenting, Barilla takes a major step towards improving the efficiency and efficacy of its working methods and speeding up the crucial change in cultural paradigm necessary to transform potentially challenging life events into positive opportunities for people and the company.
Last but not least, Winparenting reflects the determination to continually innovate not only Barilla's techniques, technologies and products, but also its internal organizational processes; people are the real heart of the company and the source of its value and strength. Listening to and supporting them is essential.
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