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Our past is our future

Discover the heart of our company by browsing through the Barilla Historical Archive. Learn how each piace of communication we've created over the years, has been an ode to our future. Timeless and iconic, like our family's recipes.

146 years of our life

Over 60,000 cataloged documents of which roughly 38,000 are digitalized, showing the history, the economic activity, and the communication and advertising strategy of Barilla's iconic brands.

The graphics and advertising selection includes 150 posters from the 1920s to date, promotional items and more than 2,700 TV and cinema commercials.

Barilla has been a pioneer in the field of communication, thanks to collaborations with great film directors including Federico Fellini, Wim Wenders, David Lynch, Giuseppe Tornatore and Gabriele Salvatores.

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We put our heart in everything we do

Discover how the commercials of Barilla have brought joy to millions of people around the world, year after year. Crafting icons with great artists and film directors, to offer the best quality products, from the 1920s to today.

An atlas of the Barilla television campaigns in Italy: 1958 - 2002

The first calendar by Adolfo Busi (1925)

The Pasta Museum

We have another surprise in store for you

We have always liked putting smiles on people's faces, and nothing has ever done the job better than Barilla's Little Surprises. Get a taste of the history of these iconic items, and discover their unique tale, from the 1980s to modern days.

When mills where white

I remember 1978, it seems as it was yesterday.

How little surprises came to be...

It is not by chance that I call it and adventure.

316 million... little erasers

1983 - The Era of Happy Erasers Begins.