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Joy of eating and people wellbeing

Our commitment starts with product recipes, which are continuously improved with the aim of offering people safe products that taste good and can be consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. But for us wellbeing is much more than this: it's the desire to nurture the future, getting people together around the joy of wholesome food, and making quality a choice for a better life.


Our achievements of goodness

People wellbeing

We are a food company and caring about nutrition is in our DNA. We strive to constantly improve the nutritional profile of existing products and to launch new ones that combine excellent flavour with safety and that contribute to a balanced diet. And these are our results of goodness.


reformulated products

by reducing the fat, satured fat, salt and sugar content or increasing fibre, since 2010.


new products

without added sugar, rich in fibre, wholegrain or made with pulses to broaden our offer and to meet any consumers’ needs.


children involved in educational programs

for primary schools and families such as ViviSmart and Giocampus.

The information and data contained in the report relate to Barilla Group for the period from 1st January to 31st December 2023, unless otherwise indicated.

The Double Pyramid

About palm oil


From Nutritional Guidelines to the Nutrition and Wellbeing Framework

The Barilla Nutrition & Wellbeing Framework has been designed to
adapt to the evolution of external scenarios, to have a positive impact
on people's overall wellbeing. This new Framework aims to support
Barilla in offering tasty and nutritious products, in the right portions,
which fit into a healthy lifestyle, contributing to holistic wellbeing and
celebrating the joy of food.
Going beyond the fundamental principles of previous Nutrition Guidelines,
the Framework adopts a more holistic approach to wellbeing,
taking into consideration scientific and public health perspectives, as
well as consumer preferences.
Starting from the premise that taste can encourage the consumption
of healthy products and make nutritious foods the preferred
choice, the aspiration of the new Framework is to encourage conscious
food choices
, showing the value and role of products for
health and wellbeing.

Nutrition & Wellbeing Goals and KPIs by 2030

In addition to the Brand Nutrition & Wellbeing Goals, the Company has defined a set of Goals and KPIs.

Enhance taste while continually improving the nutritional profile of our product portfolio bringing joy and conviviality to everyone’s table.

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By 2030


of Barilla product volumes will provide maximum 5of sugar per portion.

By 2030


of our Company product portfolio will be a source of fibre.

By 2030


of our Company product volumes will provide no more than 0.5g salt per portion. 

By 2030


of our Bakery product volumes sold in a single portion contain no more than 150 kcal.

Please refer to the Nutrition & Wellbeing Goals and KPIs’ report for more details.

Food Education Activities

We have constantly been committed to developing educational and informational activities for new generations and employees, through which we promote healthy lifestyles, balanced eating habits and responsible food consumption.

is a project promoted by an educational alliance between the public and private sectors, dedicated to the wellbeing of future generations. During the years, it has set itself the goal of promoting healthy lifestyles through a programme - unique in Italy - of physical and healthy eating education for children between 5 and 14 years of age. In 2020 Giocampus marked its first 20 years.

Giocampus Barilla
Giocampus Barilla

The sì.mediterraneo project stems from a collaboration between the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Parma, and aims to increase awareness among employees of the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and to improve their eating habits every day, through training programs, company-shared meals, and engagement in a monthly teaching kitchen.

In various locations across the US and Canada, our teaching kitchen aims to impart culinary skills rooted in the Mediterranean diet. In 2023, we managed to engage around 300 employees in North America through company-shared meals and teaching kitchen.