Monday, June 11, 2018


The famous Bocuse d’Or gastronomy competition, created in 1987 by French master Paul Bocuse, comes to Italy for the first time.      
On June 11 and 12, Turin plays host to the European semi-finals, setting the stage for the efforts of 20 professional chefs from all four corners of the globe, including Italian Martino Ruggieri. In this competition that boasts a high level of prestige in international circles, “mystery” ingredients have been revealed to the candidates just before they compete, to challenge their improvisation capacity: spaghetti!  And so pasta is not only the simple much-loved dish of the Italian tradition of fine food, but becomes an essential ingredient in the elite range of ingredients used in haute cuisine.  Barilla is partner this extremely important culinary event, on the run-up to the World Pasta Masters competition scheduled for the end of October.
For two days, Turin is the world capital of fine food. Indeed, on June 11 and 12, for the first time ever, Italy will host Bocuse d’Or Europe: the continental selection of the most important international cookery competition imagined by French master Paul Bocuse in 1987, this year in its thirty-first edition.
And for the first time ever, pasta is one of the stars of this culinary event. A tribute by haute cuisine to the dish that symbolizes the essence of the Italian identity throughout the world, which has become even more global over the past few years.
As we are told by Enrico Crippa, chef of the restaurant named “Piazza Duomo”, 3 Michelin stars under his belt, Chairman of the Italian Bocuse d’Or Academy and President of Bocuse d’Or Europe 2018:
“It would be impossible to represent Italian cuisine without including the “first course”, an essential element of the traditional range of dishes in our menu. Dry pasta is a fundamental protagonist of our culinary art and I have pulled out all the stops to make Bocuse d’Or Europe 2018 appreciate its precious value as a fine food, and to bring it to this competition. This way, we show that pasta can play many different roles in a menu, but that most of all, it is a food which, over the years, has become representative of haute cuisine."
A few hours before the competition, the 20 chefs learnt the identity of the “mystery” ingredient of this extraordinary Italian edition: pasta. The type of pasta chosen by the organizers, for both groups of contestants competing on two different days is spaghetti Barilla: an iconic shape which, according to a study by AIDEPI/DOXA, is the one Italians favor the most.
The presence of Barilla at the Bocuse d’Or event is part of the prestigious pathway it is following in the world of international fine food, the highlights of which include the cultural work developed by the Barilla Academy and the creation of the World Pasta Masters: a cookery competition for young chefs from all over the world that will be staged this year in Milan on October 24 and 25.
“For some time now we have always believed that the strength of pasta is its ability to grace the table of a great Michelin star chef as easily as it sits on the table of every family all over the world. For us it is a privilege to be participating in this competition and to once again affirm the role of pasta in the world of haute cuisine. We’re sure our Spaghetti will succeed in surprising even the most demanding palates” states Andrea Malservisi, Equity and Communication Director of Barilla Group.
In addition to the ‘classic’ shapes available to the chefs, Barilla offers those participating in the event its vision of the pasta of the future, in the form of the innovative 3D BluRhapsody pasta. The presence of Barilla at this prestigious event is therefore ride high the wave between tradition and innovation.

About the Bocuse d’Or:
In January 1987, Paul Bocuse created the Bocuse d’Or, a revolutionary gastronomy contest. Replicating the codes of major sporting events, he imagined a true show placing the emphasis on cooking and on the chefs.
The idea: bring together 24 young chefs from all over the world, among the most promising talents of their generation, and have them prepare superb dishes within 5 hours 35 minutes, live in front of an enthusiastic audience. And to tell them apart: a jury composed of the most illustrious chefs of the planet.
Beyond a mere cooking contest, the Bocuse d'Or is a show that draws extraordinary media coverage. Many talented chefs have made a name for themselves thanks to the contest.
The next Bocuse d’Or grande finale will take place on 29th and 30th January 2019, during Sirha 2019 Trade Show. - All news related to Bocuse d’Or on: