Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Barilla rewards the best ideas in the food sector

A total €200,000 in awards, postgraduate courses at Milan's Bocconi University and the setting up of a startup to bring the best projects to fruition. Innovative ideas from around the world: from seaweed to cricket flour as food of the future, to projects that encourage the emancipation of women in Ethiopia


"Barilla Good4 - Start Up the future" is drawing to a close. The contest, organized by Barilla in collaboration with the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan and the Speed MI Up incubator, is dedicated to innovative ideas for the food sector, with the aim of fostering sustainable development. The presentation of the finalists will take place on February 16 at SDA Bocconi, with the award ceremony on February 17 at Barilla's headquarters in Parma.

Awards worth a total €200,000 will be granted, allowing the winners to realize their projects, also thanks to the support of the Speed MI Up incubator. In addition, the winners will receive six months' non-stop tutoring.

Below are the finalists' projects for each category:

Good4 our Wellbeing (nutrition and food safety projects)

- ALGREEN: A project on Spirulina micro-algae to market and sell this high-protein “superfood”.

- SMARTFOOD: A new way to sell online based on nutritional values certified by a Scientific Committee, with particular attention to the seasonal aspects of foods and the consumer target

Good4 our Planet (innovative solutions focusing on the sustainability of the Planet)

- SASHAKTIRAN: An Indian business model that seeks to simplify and further develop the food chain through education and the organization of ad hoc initiatives.

- ADDENTO: To bring about a revolution in the world of food and Western culture through the production and marketing of products based on cricket flour.

Good4 our Communities (projects for the wellbeing of individuals)

- HAITIAN HEIRLOOM SEED BANK: This project aims to expand and encourage the use of Heirloom seeds from Haiti to benefit communities, the economy and the environment.

- KITCHENPOWERS: An online platform for all Ethiopian women and chefs who wish to share, swap, teach and learn traditional recipes, with the ultimate goal of encouraging female emancipation in the country.

In the food education area - Good4 our Knowledge - three winners have already been chosen:

- SEEDING THE FUTURE: To create knowledge and awareness among children on the cultural and sustainability aspects of food, in a simple, fun and compelling way.

- RAW, NUTRITIONAL, COLD-PRESSED BEVERAGES: Anti-junk food, this project aims to produce and sell cold-pressed fruit and vegetable drinks.

- MY REAL FOOD: This program wishes to turn the relationship with food into healthy eating habits. From the planning of a healthy meal, to the best ingredients to buy, and the best cooking methods.

The six finalists, all under 30 years, will present their projects in Bocconi Feb. 16 in front of an international jury consisting of representatives from the academic and business worlds, as well as civil society, including the Bocconi Vice Rector for Development, Alberto Grando, and Andrea Pontremoli, CEO of Dallara Automobili Company, the racing legend.

Barilla reasserts its role as promoter and incubator of fresh ideas intended to give birth to a better future, paying great attention to the themes of food sustainability as applied to concrete business projects. The initiative is part of “Good for You, Good for the Planet”, a Barilla Group strategy that is mindful not only of economic factors and correct nutrition, but also of the environmental and social impacts that every business activity entails.



About the Barilla Group

Created in Parma in 1877 out of a shop that made bread and pasta, Barilla is today among the top Italian food groups, a world leader in the pasta and pasta sauce businesses in continental Europe, bakery products in Italy, and the crispbread business in Scandinavia.

The Barilla Group currently owns 30 production facilities (14 in Italy and 16 abroad) and exports to more than 100 countries. Every year, its plants turn out around 1,700,000 tons of food products that are consumed on tables all over the world, under the following brand names: Barilla, Mulino Bianco, Voiello, Pavesi, Academia Barilla, Wasa, Harrys (France and Russia), Misko (Greece), Filiz (Turkey), Yemina and Vesta (Mexico).

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