Parma's  Settembre Gastronomico, a festival inaugurated by La Cena dei Mille [The Dinner for a Thousand], during which the city was the center of food and wine culture, has just come to an end.
In the Food Valley's capital, participants were able to explore the best local agrifood produce, including Pasta, Prosciutto di Parma PDO Dry-Cured Ham, Tomato Products and PDO Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. In addition, themed dinners, free admission to the Musei del Cibo Food Museum and guided tours of production plants provided insight into the histories of the local production chains, from field to table.
The festival was not just a gastronomic event but also an opportunity for appreciating the strong cultural and tourism development the city of Parma has enjoyed during the last few years. It was recently designated 2020 Culture Capital and was the first Italy city to be named as a  UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. These results have been achieved by investing in international relations and projects and reinforcing the reputation of Italian excellence abroad, while simultaneously engaging with the city's residents to encourage them to become involved in a Community and the projects undertaken.

This blossoming of initiatives and projects is thanks in part to the work of the  “Parma, io ci sto!”,  association, created to promote the area's projects and its products of excellence. Founded in 2016, the Association supports and funds projects in the areas of culture, training, innovation, good food, tourism and leisure. The Association was established on the initiative of five founder members: Alessandro Chiesi, Guido Barilla, Andrea Pontremoli, Unione Parmense degli Industriali and Fondazione Cariparma. These entrepreneurs were supported by an initial group of signatories, who joined by signing the "Manifesto for Parma". Today, Parma, io ci sto! supports a powerful, attractive heritage of history and tradition: from music to art and from food to innovation, which aims to make Parma the city of the future.