Friday, October 23, 2015


At Barilla we develop and prov ide people with food products that are at the heart of our diets , i.e. pasta, sauces and bakery products. Always offering a high quality and safe range of products that contribute to a nutritionally balanced di et, we are strongly committed to an ongoing process of improving our off er s for people’s wellbeing while respecting the planet . With this premise, Barilla has chosen only one way of doing business every day: “Good for You, Good f or the Planet” ( ). “Good for You, Good for the Planet” is a long standing and serious commitment, caring for the present and future wellbeing of People and the Planet in everything Barilla does from field to consumption, encouraging open, transparent and caring partnerships with the communities in which the Company operates. At Barilla we do not test our products or raw materials o n animals, nor do we fund, commission, co - author it or otherwise support it, either directly or through third parties. In order t o assess the safety and quality of our pro ducts, we use a very broad range of methodologies, which do not include any type of animal testing. We insist t hat our suppliers use alternatives to animal testing methods . An exceptio n would only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it fo r safety or regulatory purposes, and even in this instance, Barilla will make every effort to identify and propose a non - a nimal alternative which could fulfill the regulatory requirement, if possible. We have a keen interest on the latest advances and breakthroughs in the areas of alternatives to animal testing which are and will be developed by I nstitutions, scientists and NGOs . We are committed to publishing and sharing any new research that uses alternatives to animal testing. W e will be continuously collaborating with third parties to put in place new non - animal - alternative testing methods. Parma, 25 th June 2015