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We have different cultures but the same values

More than 8,000 people work with us around the world, and everyday they learn something new from the other colleagues. This is possible thanks to the diversity that characterizes our employees and make us one of the largest families in the world.


Our stories

We take pride in our international teams, knowing that the best experiences are those we share with each other.

Federico GozziMarketing Manager

Proud to be part of a company that represents Italy and Food around the world, a business where people are its beating heart.

Federica MassariPlant Director

Barilla is a place where attention paid to people generates opportunities for growth and the chance to test oneself by challenging one's limits.

Gianluigi MasonLogistics Italy Director

A serene environment where people can grow and build a solid career!

Moritz TintelnotManaging Director Barilla Switzerland

Passion for growing in a company I fully identify with and proud to work for!

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