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Baking delicious crispbread while stepping up for the planet

Baking delicious crispbread while stepping up for the planet

In order to create the most delicious recipes, we need the simplest ingredients.
few, simple ingredients give our products the richest taste combined with caring for the planet. We believe that real change starts with a real crunch of our Swedish crispbread.

The benefits of rye

We show our care for people’s wellbeing by promoting healthy lifestyles and nutritious products. That’s why our main raw material is rye, a cereal rich in dietary fiber and with high mineral content, and why we’re constantly researching its remarkable nutritional and health benefits.

We believe that this healthy lifestyle should be for everyone and everything, strengthening our commitment to work towards a better planet, by improving the sustainability of our production processes, reducing and offsetting remaining CO2eq emissions.

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Our commitment

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Our journey

Our story started more than 100 years ago in Sweden.
Since the beginning, the products we have made have been deeply connected to the unique landscape that surrounds us and the simple ingredients it gives us.Total compensation of CO2eq emissions is only the first steps in our journey. 

We’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce our footprint on the planet.


We are a 100% CO<sub>2eq</sub> compensated  brand

We are a 100% CO2eq compensated brand

Our strategy is simple: we buy 100% renewable energy, we follow energy-saving programmes in our sites, and we measure every remaining tonne of CO2eq we produce. We are working continuously on different CO2eq reduction projects centered on rye and supporting renewable energy generation initiatives around the world.

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Our work continues

We have implemented energy-saving programmes in our plants and have achieved 100% recyclability of packaging. Additionally, we have developed lower-impact logistics projects, for example by using rail rather than road transport, when possible. But we are not done yet. To continue to reduce our footprint on the environment we are looking into the raw materials that is causing over half of our emissions. Rye is our most commonly used raw material and 2021 we have started 2 projects to reduce the carbon footprint of rye cultivation and even investigate the possibility to sequester carbon back into the soil through regenerative farming techniques.

Our CO₂ reduction projects

Regenerating our land

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