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Making soft bread with local and more responsible commitments in France

Making soft bread with local and more responsible commitments in France

Harrys is a French baker since 1970, born in Châteauroux. Harrys brings joy in people's everyday life, through the most delicious products, made in the simplest way, thanks to more responsible choices in the supply chain that also benefit the local communities.

Soft and more responsible

Since 2006, we started a journey to enhance the quality of our products and make them more nutritionally balanced, with a continuous effort to improve and simplify our recipes. One particularly significant project was the progressive substitution of palm oil across the entire product portfolio, which began in 2015 and was completed in 2016.

"Moelleux & Responsable" wheat chain

In 2017, we launched "Moelleux & Responsable" wheat chain, Harrys Charte of engagements to make products that are "soft and responsible", and we fully reformulated the recipes of our entire brioches portfolio to have a better nutritional profile, no artificial colorants and use only cage-free eggs. In addition, 100% of Harrys products are made with 100% French flour.

In 2018, we launched our first range of organic bread without additives and our first bread range without added sugar, and in 2019 the first range of minicakes and brioches with no additives.

Moelleux & Responsable

50 years of Harrys

Our way to improve sustainability

The ambitions of our industrial activity is to pursue the long-term sustainability through a fair fundamental balance among the social, the environmental and the economic factors. From an environmental point of view, we daily improve the production processes in all five of our plants, and since 2009 we have reduced their impact in terms of CO2eq emissions by 22% and cut water consumption by 17%. What’s more, we increased the percentage of recovered waste to 99,4% and since 2018 all our packaging are recyclable through to a partnership with Terracyle.


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