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GranCereale: taste the power of nature

GranCereale: taste the power of nature

GranCereale is an Italian brand rooted in nature and committed to baking the perfect cereal-based products, for people and for the planet.

Delicious and nutritious

Every GranCereale product is made with 100% goodness by ensuring there's 0% palm oil, hydrogenated fats, and preservatives inside. GranCereale biscuits take the goodness even further by purchasing 100% cocoa and chocolate that supports the projects of the Cocoa Horizon Foundation and 100% soft wheat flour sourced from sustainable agriculture.

Our commitment

From the recyclable packaging that wraps every product to the high quality raw materials supplied, from the reduction of CO2eq emissions in the supply chain to specific projects for the safeguard of Italian forests, GranCereale keeps on strengthening its commitment to defend the planet.

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Regrowing our roots

The concrete effort in favor of the environment and biodiversity translated into joining the national "Mosaico Verde" (Green Mosaic) campaign, promoted by Legambiente and AzzeroCO2, to restore six wooded areas in the North and South of Italy.

Thanks to the initiative "I Boschi di GranCereale" (The Forests of GranCereale), actions are carried out to safeguard, protect and restore six existing wooded areas that have been damaged by natural disasters, fire, hydrogeological instability and the presence of allochthonous species, which, as they are not adapted to the local conditions, weaken the wood: for a total surface area of 13 hectares and approximately 3,200 plants and shrubs.

The Forests of GranCereale


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