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A simple gesture of love has  a surprisingly great taste

A simple gesture of love has a surprisingly great taste

Offering quality is one of the biggest signs of affection, especially in the Italian culture.
Barilla’s “A Sign of Love” is an attitude of expressing important feelings through simple gestures. Because Barilla pasta is a simple, yet meaningful dish. It’s so much more than just food. It’s a way to connect, to share intense emotions or to show appreciation. This attitude represents Barilla’s brand point of view.

Sharing quality is the biggest sign of love

Our products are our main passion. We believe that through good quality products, you can show love and care for each other and create real moments of togetherness. Starting from the field, with the trustful relationships we have been establishing with many farmers in the last decades, our common focus is the highest quality durum wheats, as well as our precious basil and tomatoes.

Every day, we work with passion to transform our quality into a gesture of love because we know that everyday you can express the greatest sign of care through our products, simple yet very meaningful.

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Barilla Quality Manifesto

Pasta is our passion. We believe that with pasta you can show Love and Care for each other and create real moments of Togetherness.

For us, the Togetherness starts in the field, with the trustful relationship we have been established in the last 30 years with more than 8,000 farmers. Focused on our common goal: the highest quality durum wheat. And then the togetherness continues with you at home, enjoying our flavourful and genuine pasta around the table with your family and friends.

For us, the true Care for durum wheat, our precious ingredient, is neverending. At every harvest we select highest quality grains to create the perfect semolina blend.

Moreover, we constantly improve our processing method to transform durum wheat into our pasta.

For us, the Love is a bright yellow color like the sun and it has an authentic full taste. Love has more than one shape: it can be enjoyed in many different cuts and recipes. Our pasta clings well with any of your favorite sauces, it is always Perfettamente al Dente.

Every day, we work with passion to transform our quality into a Gesture of Love because we know that every day you can express the greatest sign care through our pasta.


Our approach to innovation

Our innovations are focused on delivering tasty, healthy, safe and sustainable food solutions that are relevant to our consumers. As Italian family-owned Company, loving and living pasta everyday, Barilla is committed to create the
best products possible to serve consumers around the world.

On top of our classic pasta and sauces offer, we are committed in strengthening our portfolio within “premium” offering to answer to gourmet targets as well as “better for you” alternatives to meet consumers evolving needs. Our recipes are inspired by the Mediterranean Diet that we want
to make ‘easy to adopt’ for all.

Many signs of love

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