Barilla is the first company in Italy to adopt the UN Business Code of Conduct against LGBTI discrimination at work.

Barilla is the first company in Italy to adopt the UN Business Code of Conduct against LGBTI discrimination at work.
A pioneer in taste, quality and innovation, Barilla is now also the first supporter in Italy in the promotion of LGBTI rights in the workplace.

Barilla is not only the world's top pasta producer, committed to supplying people with good, healthy food of the highest quality, but also joining others in the battle against homophobia and LGBTI discrimination in the workplace.

This is a mission it pursues with the same passion and the same sense of social and ethical responsibility which has made it a food industry benchmark for millions of people, and with which it has become a global promoter of healthy eating and nutrition worldwide.

The latest in a series of initiatives reflecting Barilla's commitment to the fight against homophobia was announced this January at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held in Davos.

Barilla, first in Italy to adopt the UN Business Code of Conduct to remove LGBTI discrimination in the workplace

At the Davos forum, the company announced its support for the Standards of Conduct for Business issued by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), rules of conduct that companies should adopt toward LGBTI employees, suppliers, customers, and distributors.  The aim is to promote respect and support for the LGBTI community and eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

Barilla is the first Italian company, together with big international companies such as Google, Ikea, Microsoft and Vodafone, to have adopted the UN standards, responding to the need for local and multinational businesses to promote equality and inclusion for LGBTI people in the workplace.

Barilla's journey towards ever greater inclusion of the LGBTI community has seen other important milestones. In 2015, employees created a group called VOCE (Italian for “voice”) in four countries (USA, France, Italy, Germany) in order to actively promote inclusion and respect, encouraging dialogue on issues related to the LGBTI community.
In addition in 2017, Barilla CEO Claudio Colzani joined with more than 270 executives to sign the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, also for the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Barilla's commitment to diversity and inclusion of the LGBTI community
Externally, Barilla has been collaborating for years with the main international organizations that support the rights of LGBTI communities. Internally, it has taken several steps to promote diversity and inclusion, leading to a profound renewal of its code of ethics and policies towards employees.

In 2017 for the fourth consecutive year, Barilla scored 100% in the Corporate Equality Index, the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees, developed by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest American organization for ensuring LGBTI rights.

The Barilla Group is committed to the battle against homophobia and the promotion of equality and diversity in the workplace, still a long way from being achieved worldwide.
Barilla is in the front line to face this challenge, in a humble but bold way.