Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Today, World Pasta Day is being celebrated in Moscow.
Barilla, world leader in the sector, takes us on a journey of discovery of this food: healthy, delicious, accessible, versatile and global.
On the occasion of World Pasta Day, Barilla, world leader in the sector with a production of 1,430,000 tonnes of pasta and ambassador for Italian pasta in over 100 countries in the world, pays homage to the symbol of made in Italy food with an exciting journey that connects almost 200 years of history: from the oldest spaghetti in the world to the 3D pasta printer.
It starts from its own territory, Parma and the Food Valley, so rich in history, culture and gastronomy, as evidenced by the recent UNESCO recognition. To find out about the past of pasta, one just needs to travel a few kilometres from the Barilla plant to the Museum of Pasta of Collecchio, in the wonderful Court of Giarola. In addition to the tools, equipment and objects that have made the history of the pasta industry, here one can see the oldest spaghetti in the world, dating from 1837.  Research following upon its discovery - which happened almost accidentally - has enabled us to ascertain that spaghetti of that time had the same protein content as today's, that is, 15%: this means that pasta produced in 1837 was not so different from the one being made in our days...
From the past to the present of pasta - which today, at least for one day, is speaking Russian. In Moscow, World Pasta Day is celebrating pasta as a global food and is highlighting the growth of the pasta market in Russia. Data from IPO - International Pasta Organisation shows that in 2015 1,106,000 tonnes of pasta were eaten in Russia, with an annual per capita consumption of 7.8 kg. This growth is due in part to the Barilla Group, which invested early in this market. Last year it opened two new production lines in its Solnechnogorsk plant, near Moscow, where it is estimated that 27,000 tonnes of pasta will be produced in 2016, in line with the only way the company has of doing business - "Good for You, Good for the Planet."
Moving from financial data to trends, we find that pasta is one of the most popular foods in the world. More specifically, the latest Google Foods Trend Report shows that "Penne alla Vodka" is the second "most clicked recipe in the USA", after Pasta Bolognese. A great classic of 1980s cuisine that is now enjoying a revival!
Barilla, always a pioneer in product innovation, simply had to conclude this journey into the world of pasta with a look to a future that is not so far away - and will be in 3D. The Parma Group has created, together with the Dutch research centre TNO, a revolutionary 3D printer prototype that produces fresh pasta in 2 minutes, using a dough made with only durum wheat semolina and water. It all takes just a few minutes: the pasta shape is chosen and the information is communicated to the printer, which produces it ready to cook, in the shape of vortices, moons, roses and much else. Never-before-seen pasta shapes, made with our favourite ingredients.