Sustainable Business

For the sector in which it works, for the commitments it feels towards the People who work in the company and the communities in which it operates, for the culture of service that it has towards those who buy the products, Barilla has decided to commit to contributing to the construction of a wellbeing that does not end today, but continues in the future affecting the company, the People and the Planet.

"For us, Barilla means identity: our family dream came true. We don’t view it only as a brand, a product, or a Company, but as a precious legacy to be handed down to future generations: something that goes beyond our family and is a symbol of the culture and tradition of our country’s entrepreneurial spirit in the world. It is starting from this point of view that the term “sustainability”, if seen as something new or an adjunct to business, becomes inconceivable.
If we think of our family’s way of doing business we cannot imagine it as being non-sustainable. Our conviction is that we have a unique recipe, which we undertake to innovate constantly, while keeping its cardinal values intact. Values such as Passion and Trust."