Sustainable Business Reports

Before you start reading, we invite you to look at the cover of the document, because we think that through this we can already grasp the essence of our work. We would prefer telling you the hidden world behind our products, such as behind the pasta dish that you enjoy every day together with your family. This is a way to know what makes us unique and sets us apart than other similar proposals on the market.

"Good for the People and Good for the Planet" is the path where we would like to lead you.

Good for the People” because it is made of tasty products, safe and nutritionally correct, which help those who choose them to live better by contributing to the wellbeing and the pleasure of eating.

Good for the Planet”  because we are committed to continually reduce the environmental impact of what we do from the Field to the People and to offer, in addition to products, even lifestyles and sustainable ways of consumption.

You can download the 2013 Sustainable Business Report and look at our KPIs and stories on “Good for You, Good for the Planet”, here.