Quality and origin of meat in Barilla products

12 February, 2013

With regards to recent news concerning the presence of horse meat in some ready to use Lasagna in the UK, Barilla wishes to reassure retailers and consumers that horse meat is totally absent in any Barilla product, including Barilla Ready Meals, Barilla sauces and Barilla filled pasta. Moreover, Barilla guarantees the high quality, clear origin and total traceability of all meats used in its products.

All Barilla suppliers are certified and they follow rigorous standards and specifications. Barilla monitors the respect of these directions continuously through analyses made directly or through qualified external laboratories.

With specific reference to the Barilla Ready Meal Maccheroni alla Bolognese, Barilla would like to reassure that:

- As declared in the ingredient list, the Bolognese sauce is prepared using only beef and pork meat.

- Both kinds of meats come from animals born and reared in EU and slaughtered in France. The product is provided with the EU marks and in compliance with enforced regulation 

- The unique meat supplier for Barilla Maccheroni alla Bolognese is the French company SOCOPA’, that is totally extraneous to the supply chain involved in horse meat contamination.

With regards to the Barilla meat-based sauces and filled pasta lines, Barilla reassures: 

- All beef comes from animals born in the EU, reared and slaughtered in Italy.

- Pork meat mostly belong to pigs born, reared and slaughtered in Italy (with very few exceptions where they were born in other Countries in the EU), in compliance with Ham Parma DOP and Ham S. Daniele DOP regulations.

Cross products, traceability of all meats is guaranteed through periodical Barilla audits on suppliers, which are regularly called to provide evidences that the Barilla standards are respected and of their rigorous checks on the whole supply chain. Both Barilla and suppliers’ systems allow to trace meats from the pack on the shelf back to the slaughterhouse or to the original livestock.

As for the above mentioned statements, we wish to reassure all stakeholders that Barilla products are wholesome, ingredients are totally traceable and always transparently communicated through the ingredients’ lists on packs.

At the same time, the Company will continue to monitor on the whole supply chain in order to guarantee the total respect of food quality and safety requirements.