Supply Chain

Our mission is to design and develop an industrial network,  oriented to the expansion of the Supply Chain boundaries (customers, suppliers, markets) by adapting organization, systems, and methods that guarantee:
-    a profitable and innovative business development
-    the maximization of the return on investment capital optimizing operative costs
-    the “designed” Quality and Safety for Product, People, Planet

Our units offer a unique breadth of exciting opportunities, and we are always looking for talented and passionate people to join us on our challenging journey.


Our Purchasing team contributes to our organization’s profitable business growth by selecting and contracting the most reliable supplier base, with the objective to establish an enduring competitive advantage with respect to costs, quality, service and social responsibility of our sourcing chains. We are responsible at worldwide level for all the company sourcing. Our main responsibilities are:
- analyze sourcing markets and forecast trends
- set up the strategies for the most favourable TCO
- scout and select best in class suppliers
- negotiate and contract agreements
- drive cost saving projects
- support supply chain and R&D projects

Externally, we deal with suppliers, associations, institutions while internally with all main company functions.

In our unit we offer exciting and challenging roles:
- economic & financial areas: our buyers are responsible of managing the commercial relationship; our roles include buyer, senior buyer, category manager.
- quality, food safety & sustainability: vendor assurance ensure the quality and sustainable targets; our roles include vendor assurance professional, vendor assurance manager

Network Design, Planning & Sourcing

Our Network Design, Planning & Sourcing Unit has the responsibility for setting directions, objectives, goals and operating priorities through the development of common planning and order to delivery processes, organization, competences and capabilities, IT systems and KPIs. We offer challenging and exciting opportunities across our whole unit:
- network design & competitors: professionals in the network design area are responsible to address the change management of Supply Chain network and/or planning processes and systems; our roles include professional, senior professional, central ND (or KPIs) manager
- integrated planning processes: our planners are in charge of decision-making for actual resource utilization for working capital and Service Level best trade offs; our roles include central planner, senior central planner, central planning manager
- Supply chain customer service design: customer service professionals are the bridge between Supply Chain performances and Commercial relationship and developments; our roles include CS professional, CS senior professional, CS central manager


Our team has the responsibility of packaging design, industrial equipments development & installation in compliance with product standards and safety specifications, and the setting of technical guidelines. We offer a wide range of exciting opportunities across all of our main areas of responsibility:

- Process equipments
- packaging and handling equipment
- automation technologies design
- building and general equipments
- packaging design & standardization
- energy and new energy systems
- equipments installing & testing
- extraordinary maintenance support

Operations & Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing Strategy & Capital Planning Unit defines common Manufacturing guidelines, goals, processes, competences, systems and KPI and optimizes overall invested capital. We offer a wide variety of exciting opportunities across all of our main areas of responsibility:

- The Barilla Manufacturing Model, involving People, Culture & Values, and a common system of best practices across all of our factories
- Skill development and career plan for all the manufacturing position in Barilla plant
- Development of proprietary manufacturing systems for corporate governance and performance management
- Internal and external benchmark on core manufacturing process
- Capital plan strategy, strategic investment set up, governance of the approval process , results and timing control .


Our Logistics unit has the responsibility of setting Logistic Strategy for Barilla Group . This means managing group outsourcing for Third Party Logistics (3PL) , setting strategies, objectives, directions, processes, organization, competencies, IT system and KPI.
Our main areas of responsibility include:

- 3PL Contract Management ( scouting , negotiation and buying )
- Logistic network development and design
- Logistic Performance monitoring and benchmarking, setting new systems and governance effectiveness
- 3PL market intelligence in all country of presence
- Logistic competence development : skill development , career plan , world wide job family management