Barilla products

The product is at the heart of Barilla’s every activity and uncompromised commitment, constantly inspired by:

Barilla firmly believes that food is the key to your wellbeing. That is why the Group’s products strive to be tasty and healthy at the same time, thus encouraging a healthy daily diet.


With a view to ensuring the quality and safety of its products, Barilla has devised a strict self-control system based on the continuous and specific search for high-quality and safe raw materials, careful selection of suppliers, control of the procurement process, the definition of precise hygienic and sanitary requirements as well as excellent productive standards.


Analysing all the processes along the production line is of crucial importance for Barilla. These range from sowing to buying the different types of wheat, from storage to processing and packaging, from the handling process to the purchase by Consumers. The philosophy behind this choice lies in the conviction that “designing” quality starts from the raw materials and ends with people’s satisfaction.


Evidence of Barilla’s efforts can be found in the Group’s brands which create the company identity upon which the people who buy our products daily base their trust.

Barilla’s products are the result of the constant attention paid to technological innovation and to the study of people’s needs. As a matter of fact, each product is reviewed at least every three years for constant improvement.

Product areas:
meal solutions

Barilla is a leading company in the Italian and international pasta market, where it operates with the Barilla brand, as a symbol of Italian cuisine, and three major local brands (Misko in Greece, Filiz in Turkey and Yemina in Mexico).
Barilla is also active in the segment of Ready-made sauces, with over 40 different recipes to meet everyone’s taste world-wide.


Product areas:

This area includes those products that cater for various eating times, from breakfast to snacks, namely:
•    Biscuits
•    Toasted bread
•    Cereals
•    Snacks
•    Pastries
•    Soft bread
•    Brioches and power snacks
•    Cakes and crisp bread
for a range that covers almost 180 products resulting from 35 different production technologies.