How products are created

Every year Barilla launches approximately 50 new products.
This is the final stage of a long process which aims at creating products that satisfy the needs of those who will bring them into their homes.

The process that leads to the creation of a new product is divided into several stages that can be grouped into 4 moments. At the conclusion of each stage, the results are evaluated and it is decided whether or not the development should continue.

This process is based on the interaction between different professionals both inside and outside the company, brought together by the intense relationship between the people that design the products and those they are designed for.

Each design team collaborates with of a selected group of people that actively participate in the creation of new products.  These are not just testers, but proactive people that are involved from the very first stages of the development process.

Barilla invests its innovative energies in around 150 projects per year. These projects are currently at different stages of advancement and will be finalised within two to three years. 
This collection of projects forms the Barilla innovation portfolio, which is constantly revised on the basis of defined priorities.

The research statistics

36 million Euro

The total investment into research and development

150 projects

in Barilla's innovation portfolio

50 new products

made available to our consumers each year

250 people

dedicated to research, technological and product innovation, and quality control

6 innovation centres

in Italy, the United States, France, Germany, Russia and Sweden