Diversity & Inclusion

Barilla Group pledges to build on its corporate long-term commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality, in order to establish a more active, global leadership position on its social responsibility.

Equality, inclusion and diversity and have long been grounded in Barilla’s culture, values and code of conduct and are a key driver for our growth model and our way of doing business.


In coherence with its ethical vision, Barilla deems to enhance the value of each person, by respecting physical, cultural and moral integrity and the right to interact and associate with others. Barilla seeks to pay attention to all needs of people’s life, given that human life shall inspire all company’s activities. Barilla supports and respects human rights in its activities and in the sphere of its influence, offers equal opportunities for the development of its people, and protects their privacy.

Barilla believes that doing the right thing is also good for business, and that respecting and promoting D& I can be source of competitive advantage, by creating a more engaged workforce that makes better decisions, based on a superior understanding of the company’s consumers and costumers around the world. Barilla does not tolerate any form of discrimination or exclusion in relation to, amongst other characteristics, age, culture, ethnicity, nationality, religious faith, race, political opinions, family status, pregnancy, veteran status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, genetic information, health or disability.


The Global Diversity & Inclusion Board has a broad mandate to:

- Help Barilla become a model corporate citizen on diversity and inclusion.
- Assess current internal policies and initiatives.
- Make recommendations on enhancements.
- Implement new initiatives and monitor and measure progress.

Today, Barilla offers exceptional benefits for all employees and their dependents, but we are committed to expanding our efforts. The Diversity & Inclusion Board’s mission is to:
- Set challenging goals that will help us become a more inclusive workplace.
- Create a more diverse, committed and engaged workforce.
- Enhance an open culture that embraces and celebrates differences.
- Promote and support diversity programs in the communities where we operate.

The Board will include:
- An Advisory Board of independent external experts who will provide vision, advice, outside perspective and guidance on equality and inclusion.
- An Operating Committee, which will consist of employees who will make recommendations on targets, initiatives and enhancements to deepen equality and inclusion in the company, as well as to monitor our progress.



The company has launched a global online contest designed to engage people on diversity, inclusion and equality.

Entrants can create short videos and submit them to the web community to be liked, shared and voted.

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