The "Pietro Barilla" Parma Children's Hospital is born.

Pietro Barilla firmly believed that businesses should create value in their communities. For this reason, if he could be here today, he would certainly be elated to witness the birth of The Parma Children's Hospital, a gift for today's families and for future generations. We take great pride in having contributed to its opening.

Barilla supports the public-private alliance for the first dedicated pediatric facility in Emilia Romagna

One of the largest donations in the history of the company to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Pietro Barilla

With a contribution of €8.5 million for the "Pietro Barilla" Children's Hospital of Parma, the Company has made one of the largest donation in its history to coincide with the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Pietro Barilla. Parma's enlightened entrepreneur was convinced that a company should contribute to the future of society by allocating a part of its profits to helping the wellbeing of the community.

'A company is not only represented by its performance, its good management, or its standing in the economic world,' said Pietro Barilla to the Company's group of blood donors shortly before his death in 1993. 'A company needs a central pillar of moral values that brings together the best everyone has to offer: righteousness, a sense of responsibility, a sense of duty, respect for others. All of this constitutes the main pillar, the one that represents the company's real assets.'

In its daily work Barilla is still inspired by its founder's values, which are more relevant today than ever before. For this reason, in 2013, when Pietro Barilla would have turned 100, there will be a series of initiatives to commemorate his figure. The first of these is the opening of the first pediatric hospital in the Emilia Romagna Region in the presence of the Health Minister Renato Balduzzi, an admirable example of a partnership between the public and private sectors.

The project originated from an idea of Barilla and was accepted by the hospital, which then involved the Cariparma Foundation and the Pizzarotti company. The total investment amounts to 34 million Euros, of which 16 million are public. The other 18 million come from the three private companies involved in the Children's Hospital Foundation, withBarilla as the main donor.

"The child in the center" is the guiding principle of the new hospital: the facilities are kids-friendly, with colorful rooms laid out so that parents can visit and stay, with large recreational areas to encourage living together and socializing. The project seeks to give priority to every detail to increase the feeling of familiarity, homeliness and comfort.

The initiative embodies the values that Pietro believed in, which still inspire Barilla's way of doing business: a contribution to future generations useful in creating value and wellbeing. There are many examples from the period when Pietro Barilla was running the company, and arguably the most significant was the donation of the Engineering Faculty to the University of Parma.
'Today is an important day: after much effort, we are seeing this initiative come to life,' said Luca Barilla, Deputy Chairman of the Group and Pietro's son, during the opening ceremony of the new hospital. 'My father would be very proud. He believed in young people and that it was important to look after them. He also believed strongly in the duty that a company has to actively contribute to the development of the community and to people’s wellbeing.'